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Light Helicopter VM-4 "Jmil"

The strategic task of "Aviation Company VECTOR" is the organization of mass production of light multipurpose helicopters. A light multipurpose 4-seater helicopter VM-4 "Jmil" that has two piston engines, unlikely from the existing foreign analogues, is being currently on the development. Automobile gasoline A-95, A-98 can be used depending on the type of engines. In the future, it is planned to develop a heavier, five-seater helicopter with two engines and the development of light helicopters using hybrid and electric motors.

Investment Project Presentation (.PDF)

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Lightweight multipurpose helicopter VM-4 "Jmil" has a wide range of usage:
- service for oil and gas companies;
- marine aviation (deck and coast);
- service for forest and water industries;
- sanitary aviation;
- special purpose aviation for security agencies;
- rescue operations in the mountains, forests, water areas;
- fish inspection;
- flight schools;
- agriculture;
- city air transport (excursions, aerotaxi, air patrol, ambulance);
- business structures;
- administrative public sector;
- private organizations.



Video presentation of modifications


Technical characteristics of the helicopter VM-4 "Jmil"

Crew 1+3
Loaded weight, kg 1100
Payload weight, kg 480
Cruise speed, km/h 220
Max speed, km/h 250
Flight time, h 3
Engines capacite, h.p. 2 x 130 = 260 (max 150 x 2 = 300)

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